21st Century Leaders Awards Performances

International Academy for Intercultural Development

International Academy for Intercultural Development, a novel institute for Dance, Music and Arts focused on providing quality training, is the first of its kind in Qatar. Founded in the year 2001 the academy aims at uniting diverse cultures from the east and west, with a desire to combine the old and the new, all brought together in the form of dance, music, arts, fitness and soft skill courses by a team of professionally qualified instructors and strong affiliations with reputed organizations around the world. IAID has been working closely with the Qatari community and has been a part of major events like the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the 15th Doha Asian Games 2006, Doha Cultural Festivals, Wheels ‘n’ Heels, Flower Each Spring Programme, hosting the prestigious World Environment Day Celebration of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) in association with the Friends of the Environment Centre and more.

Clarita de Quiroz
Singer, Songwriter and Pianist

Like any artist worth their salt, Clarita’s music is the result of many things. Raised in Scotland to Pilipino/Spanish and Dutch/Irish parents, as a child of the 80’s, it’s no wonder that her music sounds the way it does. Influenced by everyone from Nina Simone and Al Green to The Roots, Angie Stone and Jill Scott.

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Ella Davidson
Singer, Songwriter

Ella was just 17 years old when she made her debut Qatar performance as a singer-songwriter, traveling from Chelsea, London. As well as a simply incredible voice, Ella also plays the piano, guitar and clarinet. Taking inspiration from soul, jazz and mainstream pop, Ella has an individual sound and creates original songs.