Themed Draw Your Own Time, award has been specially designed by the esteemed artist and sculptor Lorenzo Quinn, who has a long history of being commissioned for public works in Qatar including the Give; Take statue marking the entrance of the Aspire Sports Academy. The special award created for the Doha 21st Century Leaders Awards is constructed from stainless steel and bronze.

Lorenzo Quinn’s work is included in many impressive private collections throughout the world, which has lead to a prodigious amount of commissioned work. His ongoing project, The Globe Of Life which represents the hundred most important moments in history, looks set to be his most significant work to date, with five monumental bronze sculptures linking each continent.

“Time is a simple human perception which we need in order to explain our passing. Those who are not prisoners of time usually find time to live longer. The best beholders of time are those who are able to donate their time to the less fortunate and in turn provoke a timeless action of goodwill and hope. These ideals are captured in the 21st Century Leader Awards.” – Lorenzo Quinn

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