Celebrity Dinner with Slumdog Millionaire Stars

A unique dinner with the stars of the smash-hit film Slumdog Millionaire will be one of the prizes auctioned at the Doha 21st Century Leaders Awards.

The multi-award winning director and producer team of Danny Boyle and Christian Colson will be in Doha this week to be honoured in the Doha 21st Century Leaders Awards to be held at the Grand Hyatt Doha for their humanitarian work.

“We are honoured and delighted to be accepting this 21st Century Leaders award in Qatar. 21st Century Leaders continue to achieve astonishing success in raising awareness for international development causes, and this is a fantastic opportunity to reiterate our support. We love the concept of the Doha 21st Century Leaders Awards, and hope that our special auction prize will be well received and will give the winner great enjoyment.” he says.

As part of the evening, the Slumdog Millionaire team are offering a unique prize that will be auctioned on the evening – a once-in-a-lifetime chance to meet the stars of the film over dinner at a top London restaurant.

The dinner will include Frieda Pinto, Dev Patel and Anil Kapoor who played the leads of Latika, Jamal, and the suspicious game show host Prem, as well as the director and producer themselves. The auction winner will also have the opportunity to pose for photographs with the cast members, Danny and Christian and their Best Picture and Best Director Academy Award statuettes.

As a permanent souvenir of the dinner event, the auction winner will also receive a special, limited edition copy of the photo-diary book ‘Nineteen Hours and Fourteen Minutes’- that documents the Oscar experience of the cast and crew on the day when the film swept the Oscars in 2008, taking home 8 awards.

The book itself is number 100 of a limited 100 issue print run, which was only made available to those directly involved with the film, and has never been available to members of the public prior to this, and will be signed by the stars on the night.

Filmmakers Danny Boyle and Christian Colson are among the first recipients of a Doha 21st Century Leader Award. Other recipients include the actors Josh Hartnett, and Sir Ben Kingsley who won an academy award for his portrayal of Mohandas Gandhi in the 1982 film Gandhi.